Warszawska prezentacja “Gorilla goes bananas” obejmie wystawę, seminarium i wykład o projektowaniu graficznym metodą ad hoc.

Anthropologists in Art will curate the exhibition at LeTo Gallery in Warsaw, from May 23rd through June 15th. The exhibition will function as "decor" for the masterclass-series, which will be a live Gorilla workshop showing the process and results as they evolve. The masterclass-series, whose participants will be a select group of young, up-and-coming Polish graphic designers, will be held on May 24th-May 25th. The duo-lecture – Gorilla-designer(s) on the one hand, and a Polish historian of graphic design (Piotr Rypson) – at the same location will be held on Thursday May 23rd.

Kuratorzy / Curators: Anthropologists in Art: Nahuel Blaton & Sebastian Rypson
Partnerz / Partners: Creative Industries Fund NL, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, WM Gallery, Stowarzyszenie Twórców Grafiki Użytkowej (STGU - Association of Polish Graphic Designers), Soho Factory, Malemen Magazine, Browar Czarnków